For the wellbeing of your bees.

We've created a beehive monitoring system that gives you real-time data from multiple sensors. It will help you decrease the amount of work and attention needed by making everyday operations more efficient. You can save time, reduce bee mortality and finally have peace of mind, being in control of your colonies anywhere, anytime.

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IoT sensors for beehives

Brood Temperature

Helps to indicate broodless state, preparations of swarming, and an absent or non-laying queen.

Hive Humidity

Helps to indicate the strength of a colony, nectar flow, and a need for increased hive ventilation, hence, avoiding condensation.


We’re researching sound measurements in hives to provide alerts about swarming, diseases and other distress factors in the future.


Helps to indicate the amount of honey and the overall increase of bee population. Optional add-on.


Receive an alert if a hive is knocked over.


Receive an alert if the hive cover has been removed. Optional add-on.

Our team


Ru Wikmann
Co-founder & CEO

Technology enthusiast with a marketing background. Self-taught web developer.


Ģirts Kaģis
Co-founder & CTO

Electronics engineer. Experienced in IoT system development.


Krists Jirgens
Technical Architect & Advisor

Software architect at LMT, the largest Latvian mobile telecommunications service provider.


Jānis Kronbergs
Apiculture Industry Advisor

Passionate beekeeper. Regional lead and mentor at Latvian Beekeeping Association. Development manager of BeeKing.

Let us show you how it works

Whether you practice beekeeping commercially or do it for your own joy, we'd like to hear from you. We're about to run a trial to test our beehive monitoring system and would love to see how real-time data and IoT technology can help you provide the best possible care for your bees and avoid various problems.